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Greetings from the mind of me!!!

Come inside and take a look at my life as posted by none other than me!

Welcome to Dennis's Live Journal
11 April 1985
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Yep that's me. I really don't think much of myself but i do like that picture. Don't mind me, i like to talk to myself not in a insane way but in a thoughtful way. I'm 19 living in Irving Texas, single and loving life. Life just has so many adventures and good times you know? Just take a look at my journal and find out. Misspellings are common (i love spell check), pictures are plentiful, and the creativity never ends.

MORE ABOUT ME, since that's what your here for right???

Well right now im going to school at DeVry University were i hope to be a computer programmer. It's so great there, I mean i go to school everyday doing the thing i love: fool around with computers. FUN STUFF!!!

Random stuff about me:

Agnostic, Aries, Windows/Linux user, has a PDA, loves music, carless, Indonesian, faraway friends, lj-freak, sometimes creative and thoughful, always caring, Chinese food, movie watching, music loving, computer obsessive, roommate sharing, and so much more individual.

I understand concepts very well, it’s the little stuff that really mess me up.